Hi, I'm Agnes

I design, build and maintain software and hardware, sometimes alone but often with friends. I have a particular interest in simulation, distributed knowledge and infrastructural systems. Currently, I work on tools for open data curation and sharing, I am a part time specialist technican and lecturer at UAL's Creative Computing Institute, and 25% of the research studio Foreign Objects.

If you are an activist group or community organisation looking for technical support or advice, I'm normally happy to volunteer my time. I also like hearing from people generally. You can get in touch with me at: agnesfcameron at protonmail dot com.

This website was last updated on 21/05/23

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19/05/2023 ↝ inflatables @ Camberwell College of Art

Invited by the Computational Arts program to run the second annual inflatables workshop -> we had 2 days, one of the students put a tentacle on the back of Camberwell Sainsbury’s, and we ended up with a beautiful dome at the end.

Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 12 05 57

14/05/2023 ↝ Software for Alien Internet @ Kunstverein Hanover

I wrote an agent-based model of animal migration patterns for Agnieszka Kurant’s new work, Alien Internet, which will be on show in Kunstverein Hannover as part of her exhibition Uncomputables until July.

11/05/2023 ↝ talk + artwork @ Articulating Data Conference

I gave a talk (soon to be published online) On Conversational Agency, to introduce a new artwork + research on cybernetic-periphery theories of conversation and perception, bureaucracy, and the role of forgetting in computing history.

28/04/2023 ↝ I3 Summer Fellows Programme

I’m helping to organise a (paid!) fellowship programme for graduate students in innovation research, to contribute open data/code/tools to the i3 index. More details and application here.

27/04/2023 ↝ Knitted Synthesisers @ Camberwell College of Art

I ran a workshop on making diy synths with conductive textiles as part of B. Claxton and Eva Sajovic’s Hack’n the Knit workshops. We made some wild sounds!

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 17 21 43

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