Hi, I'm Agnes

I design, build and maintain software and hardware, sometimes alone but often with friends. I have a particular interest in simulation, distributed knowledge and infrastructural systems. Currently, I work on tools for open data curation and sharing, I am a part time specialist technician and lecturer at UAL's Creative Computing Institute, and 25% of the research studio Foreign Objects.

If you are an activist group or community organisation looking for technical support or advice, I'm normally happy to volunteer my time. I also like hearing from people generally. You can get in touch with me at: agnesfcameron at protonmail dot com.

This website was last updated on 08/06/24

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29/05/2024 ↝ website for Hannah Calascione +/ Too Much Theatre

Finished making a website for my friend Hannah and her theatre company.

03/05/2024 ↝ This Cursed Machine Launch

The game I worked on with Moving Castles is now live! Go make some xenoestrogen! You can read an interview with ARB and Alex about it here.

09/04/2024 ↝ Inflationary Assets @ Somerset House

First outing of Inflationary Assets tomorrow, running a collaborative inflatable-making workshop as part of the Morgan Stanley Lates program. We’re making a big cylinder! You can help!

03/02/2024 ↝ KARG Season 4

The Knowledge Arrangement Reading Group is back! We are restarting for 2024 with a session titled How much semanticity do we want anyway?, discussing mono- and polysemantic representation. We’ll be meeting at 4pm GMT on Friday February 9th! (as ever, everyone is welcome).

13/12/2023 ↝ Autonomous Worlds Essay

My essay A Chatroom With Legs, on the design of videogame dialogue systems is now published online on the AW website.

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