NB: have only been regularly updating this page since 2021 (though I added some links for posterity), so it's not a very reliable archive.

10/12/2021 ↝ Carpentries Instructor

I am now officially a Carpentries Instructor, and will be organising a series of workshops in spring 2022 with KFG (intros to git, the Unix shell, and Python), dates TBC. These are open workshops – send me a note if you’d be interested in either attending or helping out!

03/12/2021 ↝ I³ Index

I presented a project I’ve been working on for a while (the I³ Open Innovation Dataset Index), an openly-editable index for research data, at the NBER’s fall technical meeting. I wrote about the project here.

03/11/2021 ↝ Inflatables Workshop

I ran a short inflatables workshop at Somerset House, where 6 of us spent about an hour turning 3 packs of binbags into a surprisingly large spined snake. We took him out for a walk by the bar after.

22/10/2021 ↝ Channel Walkthrough

I took part in an Channel Walkthrough with Leslie Liu, Maya Man and Maria Gerdyman, in which I talked about collecting different knowledge organisation systems for food. Highlights include volumes 1 and 2 of Modifying Food Texture, this flavour-space and Patrick Gunkel’s treatise on sausage-forms.

05/10/2021 ↝ RuneScape Economics

As part of Trust’s New Stack research programme, I am giving a play-through and talk about the economics of the MMORPG RuneScape, exploring the in-game market economy and related effects of scams, bonds, gambling and real-world trading. The talk will be Thursday October 7th at 8pm CEST on the Trust Discord.

16/09/2021 ↝ Blue Sky Gardening

I’m taking part in Blue Sky Gardening: an exhibition of garden proposals and propositions, part of the Mecklenburgh Square Garden Project, with a simulation work about gardening and uncertainty. The exhibition runs from 25-28 of September, 11am-4pm.

09/09/2021 ↝ Transparencia Index

Work from my collaboration with the artist Federico Perez Villoro is on show from now until January 21, 2022 at El Museo de la Filatelia, Oaxaca, as part of the exhibition of archival and contemporary Mexican mail art Cartografías Ocultas.

25/06/2021 ↝ Lantern Strike

I helped artist Cici Wu to prototype a set of lightweight cameras that record shadows in images. Her show, Lantern Strike (Strong Loneliness), which includes the cameras and a film made using them, is on at 47 Canal until July 30th, 2021

20/05/2021 ↝ 6 Feet Apart

The project I’ve been working on with choreographer Karole Armitage was live-streamed as part of the NYLA Women:Create dance festival.

03/05/2021 ↝ CSV Conf

SJ and I ran a session at CSV Conf V6, entitled Data Collaboratives in Practice. Slides here and summary notes here.

17/03/2021 ↝ Bell Launch

We talked about the jumpsuits in a panel discussion hosted by Rhizome + Bell with the other Experiments in Art and Technology participants.

24/02/2021 ↝ Aesthetics of New AI Interfaces

I took part in a panel discussion Aesthetics of New AI Interfaces hosted by the Serpentine’s Creative AI lab. I wrote some notes on the talk I gave here, and there’s a write-up of the event here.

13/11/2020 ↝ Risk, Simulation and the Catastrophe Industry

I participated in a talk hosted by Gary around climate, risk and finance, inspired by The First 10,000 years.

16/10/2020 ↝ The First 10,000 years

Is now online!. Go buy some bonds in your browser :)