NB: have only been regularly updating this page since 2021 (though I added some links for posterity), so it's not a very reliable archive.

25/06/2021 ↝ Lantern Strike

I helped artist Cici Wu to prototype a set of lightweight cameras that record shadows in images. Her show, Lantern Strike (Strong Loneliness), which includes the cameras and a film made using them, is on at 47 Canal until July 30th, 2021

20/05/2021 ↝ 6 Feet Apart

The project I’ve been working on with choreographer Karole Armitage was live-streamed as part of the NYLA Women:Create dance festival.

03/05/2021 ↝ CSV Conf

SJ and I ran a session at CSV Conf V6, entitled Data Collaboratives in Practice. Slides here and summary notes here.

17/03/2021 ↝ Bell Launch

We talked about the jumpsuits in a panel discussion hosted by Rhizome + Bell with the other Experiments in Art and Technology participants.

24/02/2021 ↝ Aesthetics of New AI Interfaces

I took part in a panel discussion Aesthetics of New AI Interfaces hosted by the Serpentine’s Creative AI lab. I wrote some notes on the talk I gave here, and there’s a write-up of the event here.

13/11/2020 ↝ Risk, Simulation and the Catastrophe Industry

I participated in a talk hosted by Gary around climate, risk and finance, inspired by The First 10,000 years.

16/10/2020 ↝ The First 10,000 years

Is now online!. Go buy some bonds in your browser :)