Permaculture Network

Gary and I made Permaculture Network as part of a Schloss Solitude Web Residency while at Sakiya, Palestine, in the Summer of 2019. It explores the ecology of Sakiya’s site and permaculture farm as an ecological conversation, based on Omar Tesdell’s (as Makaneyyat) agro-ecological survey of the site. The piece takes inspiration from agent-based games like Dwarf Fortress, where every element of the game acts as an individual agent.

I wrote about the process of making the simulation here, and we gave an interview about the work here. There is an channel that charts the research and development of the project here.

It has since featured in the exhibition Our Loves are not Only Human at Schloss Solitude, and in Daphne Dragona’s publication for Transmediale 2020.

You can access the work online here.