Agrarianism and Revolution Reading Group

ARRG (the Agrarianism and Revolution Reading Group) met to discuss radical movements, ideas and materials concerning land and food. It was started by myself and artist Åsa Sonjasdottir in September 2022, as part of our participation in the Delfina Foundation’s Politics of Food programme.

During the residency, we hosted a public session of the group, where we read extracts from a number of different texts from the duration of the group, and for which I cooked a menu of traditional Armenian dishes*.

I wrote an overview of what we read and discussed, which may be found on my blog. Notes and readings from past sessions may be found in this google doc, and this channel contains a set of past and possible readings.

ARRG is not currently active, though there is a notion that we might reconvene in the future. If you’d like to our mailing list, you can do so here; feel free to also send me a note to get the current vibe.

* dolma (lamb, and vegetarian ones made with cabbage leaves), zhingelov hats, cacik, qrchik, bulgur pilaf, baba ganoush, salads, a massive jar of pickled green tomatoes from TFC