it's blockchain, bitch
as part of my research in my first year at the media lab, i was part of a few experimental blockchain projects that examined ideas of identity, collective decision-making and a crypto-economic dance dance revolution. i put the serious ones here.

medrec is a long-running project in the viral communications group, originally started by ariel ekblaw and asaph azaria. over the course of the last year, we (kalli retzepi, nchinda nchinda, i) developed the second prototype. designed as a means to give patients more control over their medical records, the system is intended as a demonstration of decentralised management of identity. more information about the project is available here, and the code for the project is here

how to blockchain almost anything
blockchain your mum! in summer 2018 i taught a 2-hour workshop class that gave people a working understanding of (and set of resources to practically implement) blockchains, with an emphasis on ethereum and different consensus models. all the materials are here, i'll probably do it again some time so send me a pull request if you think i missed fun stuff out.

swarm robot consensus
for a computer and network security class, myself and collaborators bruno prela and mark payne worked on a proof-of-concept protocol for distributed decision-making amongst two co-operating robot swarms, using two ethereum blockchains. the code we wrote is here, and the report we wrote on how it went is here.

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